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a quick introduction

Millions of miles from Earth, a tropical haven blossoms in the blackest depths of the night sky. So far off the grid, at the end of colonized space, it's the perfect getaway for the rich and famous—as well as the perfect photo opportunity. Built decades ago by the Russians before the collapse of the Soviet Union, Eisa has been transformed over the past few years from a barely-sustainable and mostly abandoned commune into a resort paradise. How did it come so far? The Company happened. With its legion of androids and gynoids, Nanite Systems has rebuilt Eisa Colony from the ground up into a showcase for its vision of the future, comfortably insulated from the stormy politics and interplanetary wars that plague Earth. But not everyone is happy—the law is in the hands of unelected corporate leaders, seemingly-sentient robots are treated like slaves, and the Purple Pearl's heritage and history are routinely paved over.

As a visitor or native of Eisa, there are many possibilities for the role you'll play. Misplaced or abandoned machines, cargo pilots from nearby worlds looking for work, ultra-rich moguls on vacation, disgruntled protesters from the countryside around the Colony—or even just a wide-eyed intern who came with the Company. But no one stays the same forever. On a moon with more political issues than people, expect to change your beliefs at least once—or lose them entirely.


Better Today

Our RP is set in 2024, but not the 2024 you know. The Space Race entered a second stage after the moon landings, fueled by the race to take control of the Moon, and by the time the Soviet Union collapsed, mankind had already invented faster-than-light travel (FTL) and colonized outside of the solar system. It's not Star Trek, but there have been a lot of advances.

More about the setting...


Eisa (Cyrillic: Аиса, pronounced /'aɪsa/, "eye-sah") itself is a moon far, far from Earth. A mining colony set up by the USSR before the end of the Cold War, it fell apart due to neglect and has recently been taken over by Nanite Systems, a young conglomerate with aspirations of showing the galaxy it can create a paradise with its vision of the future. To NS, Eisa is a showroom; to the existing businesses, hardworking colonists, and poorer immigrants, it's something very different.

detailed information about the moon's history


Visiting Eisa is easy: just land yourself at Eisa Spaceport and start exploring. We strongly encourage visitors to pick up a tag from the Eisa OOC group to make sure others understand who you are and why you're here, however, official registration is not required to RP at Eisa, even as an established citizen.

A note of caution, though: NS is actually a real, working SL company that makes robot parts and weapon systems. Its main store is embedded inside of Eisa. Without the Visitor tag, the locals may not realize you're here to discover the sim and RP.


To register a character for roleplay, create an account on the registration page and then create a character on the immigration and customs page. Registering isn't required to roleplay in Eisa, but it definitely makes it easier to get engaged in the community.

Legal status of robots and cyborgs

Robots: The primary driving force for the creation of synthetic life isn't a god complex—that's not economically useful. On most civilized worlds in the Better Today setting, including our humble little lunar paradise, robots are treated like slaves. They are bought and sold, they are expected to obey their owners, and strays are captured, reprogrammed, or simply destroyed. The worst crime that can be committed against a robot is destruction of property—not a very heavy charge in most courts! Additionally, robots are subject to Kampff–Voet testing requirements within 30 days of arrival.

Cyborgs: Want to play a synthetic, but don't like the idea of being a slave? Consider a cyborg role. As long as your brain is completely biological and cannot be hacked or reprogrammed (e.g. memory uploading) then you can be otherwise fully mechanical. There may be a moderate stigma attached to this, but you have full legal rights.

Brain augmentations: If you've seen Ghost in the Shell the reasons for this boundary should be obvious—a reprogrammable person can be made to lie under oath. Brain augmentations that straddle the boundary between meat and metal are highly illegal, and anyone caught with them will either be sent to prison, forcibly de-augmented, or forcibly converted into a robot, depending on how threatening they are. Anyone who performs such operation is dealt with as though they had brainwashed the implant recipient.

Remember: These are setting details, not sim rules. We welcome revolutionaries, transhumanists, Rampancy, and criminals. Without them, there's not much to do.

Other questions

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Need a backstory? Consider placing it on Mars!

Other locations in the Better Today setting

Factions, businesses, and organizations on Eisa

The early history of Eisa and Nanite Systems told in pictures


Main rules

Acceptable character guidelines

Rentals and Advertising

Rentals and construction: We generally rent at base cost: L$ 1.25/prim/week, or L$ 5.45 prim/month. If you would like to rent an apartment or land in Eisa, please contact Tamara. For larger public works projects, please fill out the construction application, which can be dropped into a notecard and sent in.

Advertising: We welcome opportunities for cash-neutral cross-promotion using the holographic advertisements on the lower level of the colony, provided the provided advertisements fit the aesthetics of the setting. Contact Rhetorica for more information.

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