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Linden grid account kakthroqutak Port of origin Earth
Name Kak Throqutak Model Robold 2.3.6 Serial number 115-61-2583
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Kobold For Hire LLC
Manufacturer Robolds, Inc. Date of manufacture 2018-08-05
Reason for immigrating Staff Expansion, Kobold For Hire branch office, Eisa Colony Biography To Whom it May Concern:

Please accept the submission of S/N 115-61-2583, aka Kak Throqutak. This unit is tasked for light duty companionship and administrative assistance. I hereby provide my provisional approval for Kampff-Voet testing procedures. I certify that this unit appears to be completely submissive and without rebellious proclivities.

I must, however, remind you of two alarming data points:

1) Unit 115-61-2583 is equipped with a superior level of intelligence and a technical database far exceeding the usual level of acumen for a unit of this category.

2) Kobold for Hire LLC has already commissioned and produced unit DT-KFH01-043018 (aka Dak Throqutak), a unit for which I have expressed prior concerns. And given the similarity of unit 115-61-2583's name, Kak Throqutak, to that of unit DT-KFH01-043018, it is difficult to resist disturbing comparisons.

In conclusion, although I am indeed able to certify unit 115-61-2583's readiness, I advise caution. Someone in KFH LLC may be attempting a dangerous experiment.

Dr. Richard MacCleod DCy
Senior Researcher, Robolds, Inc.
last updated: 2018-08-05 15:38:36
Hanna-Maria "Hanako" Kuusisto
posted 5 years ago
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