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Linden grid account marrok197 Port of origin Earth
Name and1 Model NS-476 Serial number 476-57-6042
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Man Plus LLC
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Battlefield Systems Division Date of manufacture 2018-08-16
Reason for immigrating Criminal Reparations Act of 2011 Biography The Aegis assault unit and1 was once John Quincy Marrok, a drifter, ne'er-do-well, and (wrongly) convicted murderer who gave up his right to person-hood in exchange for a commutation of a death sentence at the hands of Earth's justice system.

At the time, NS Battlefield Systems Division had been commissioned by Man Plus LLC (a cyber-organic solutions startup that mysteriously dissolved shortly after his conversion) to create a prototype cyborg battle platform based around a heretofore unheard of level of genetic recombination. And who would mourn the mutilation of a killer?

For his part, Marrok uttered no words in his defense, either during his trial or his sentencing. Only during his psychiatric assessment (in which he was finally found fit to stand trial after being administered a near coma-inducing level of Thorazine) did he offer any input as to his state of mind.

"I'm tired of thinking."

The executive functions of Marrok's brain were replaced with Man Plus' patented Artificial Neural Data Interchange (ANDI) virtual assistant package, suitably weaponized for front-line threat assessment and elimination, while the ultra-reliable NS Aegis platform assumed operational control of his lower-level neural functions. Meanwhile his body not only received extensive bionic enhancement but also fundamental genetic tampering that rendered him a walking nightmare born from mankind's darkest legends.

The construct once known as John Marrok was engineered to be a combination of bestial aggression and cybernetic exactitude. Equipped with a variety of attack and defense sub-systems as  well as a nanite-enhanced healing ability, and1 obeys orders without question and executes battlefield objectives with a combination of mathematical rigor and bloodthirsty relish, often salivating like a rabid animal as it acquires targets and calculates trajectories.

Conspiracy theorists continue to advance the idea that and1 is only the first of its kind, that Man Plus LLC was only a temporary front for a diabolic new quasi-military movement to produce an unstoppable army of utterly inhuman super soldiers. So far, however, no additional units of its type have been produced. And perhaps that is a mercy.
last updated: 2018-09-13 20:45:03
Hanna-Maria "Hanako" Kuusisto
posted 5 years ago
I'm quite confused, are you an unit or an organic being? if so to both. please provide us information about your character. We do have set of rules that apply to people playing furry avatars.

The rules can be found here:

NS-476 and1
posted 5 years ago
Hi, Hanako. Point well taken. I've rewritten the biographical section. Hopefully this will clear things up. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns. Thanks for going over the app.
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