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Linden grid account muttleybuggs Port of origin KI Manufacturing and Training Facility, Tokyo
Name Kēki Model CONEA class-B Serial number KI-7131481-b
Kampff-Voet test status (?) TEST NOT APPLICABLE FOR THIS MODEL Owner or affiliated organization NanoSec, Eisa Colony
Manufacturer Kojima Industries Date of manufacture 2018-08-05
Reason for immigrating Purchased By Nanosec Biography Kēki was acquired by Nanosec after the decommissioning of Mochi and subsequent disappearance of Kuukie to fill in the JACKRABT sized hole in Nanosec.
Kēki is a rather quiet Conea unit, given to few words around those that are unknown to her. Once she has gotten to know people she can be quite a bubbly little unit. She was manufactured and trained in the Kojima Industries Tokyo branch. For duty with Nanosec, she was given an NS controller, but curiously she was fitted with a 304-Daybreak controller instead of the more typical Scout and NF/3 service controllers, for reasons that weren't made clear. In spite of the older controller, Keki's chassis is a new model CONEA class-B, possessing the high performance of other civil service units in her class, made with a lightweight titanium alloy endo skeleton, and graphene layer under a hardened carbon fiber titanium laminate shell.
last updated: 2018-11-09 23:41:46
CONEA class-B Kēki
posted 5 years ago
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