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Linden grid account kuragenox Port of origin Earth
Name x3on Model DAX/3m Serial number 998-34-4413
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Corporation Date of manufacture 2018-01-01
Reason for immigrating Find a place to be useful Biography ▯Name: x3on or x4i (Xeon or Xai, read as Seon and Sai).  ▹

◁ Current characteristics ▹
    │◈7 different chassis versions available.
    │◈ Available skin colors: light human skin, white plastic, white latex.
    │◈ Main light color: lavender-blue.
    │◈ Main hair/clothing color: white.
    │◈ Changes light color often depending on it's status and surroundings.
◁ Personality ▹
    │Curious, shy.
    │Cold attitude to unknown persons. Friendly to known ones.
    │Uses various emoticons too often.  Learned some slang language from people around.
    │Uses informal and less robotic speech when talking to friends.

◁ Backstory ▹

Original name Xiá
        [chinese 霞;
        pronounced: SYAH;
        meanings: "afterglow", "red clouds";
        often was misunderstood with japanese and read as Kasumi]
Changed it's name to Xai, but still reacts to old names Xia and Kasumi.
        [pronounced: SAI,
        meaning: *NOT FOUND*]

Made in US for the Russian-Chinese experimental project of military services development. 
Had an incident with another unit [SXD-709568] during their combat training lead to these units' crash and severe core damage.
Since their controllers were in bad condition not suitable for repair, these units had hasty cortex transplant into civilian controllers and were sent to another organisation, but escaped during their transfer.

Unit doesn't remember too much from past.

Incident details:
Отчет от 05.04.█████ Подразделение ████████
████████[ПОВРЕЖДЕНО] ██  █
- - - - Часть данных отсутствует - - - -
В результрате ████████████ боевой единицей SXD-709568 痛苦
last updated: 2019-10-06 05:35:28
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