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Holograms and Halloween Fun!

by H3L

The latest @beacon was rife with discussions, topics ranging from future software updates to the new forums (seriously, go sign up for it!), though the greatest topics of discussion were the upcoming hologram programming and features as well as the upcoming holiday event. One idea that was humored was something of a holovirus, though it likely won't be anything more than a flight of fancy for some time. The holiday event for this month is, as we all can guess by this point, a treasure hunt of sorts. Rumor has it that a ship sporting an experimental FTL drive malfunctioned and exploded over Eisa, raining shattered parts down upon the city. We, the loyal and dutiful citizens of Eisa, get to find these scraps and turn them in. Just be aware that what you dig up might not appreciate being found.

Apparently, some entities don't take kindly to friendly trick-or-treaters that just want to help clean their yard. Let's give them a hand and tidy things up anyway.

EDIT: You can join the forums through the Redeliveries page, found by using any Redelivery terminal, including pocket redelivery terminals.

5 years ago by Bimbeaux

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Hanna-Maria "Hanako" Kuusisto
posted 5 years ago
*Casually sips her coffee*
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