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Linden grid account corrosive.hazards.(vinylpuff) Port of origin Mobile Industrial Robots(MiR), Denmark
Name Drake/2 Serana Model Modified Dax/2 Serial number 998-55-0292
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Consumer Products Division Date of manufacture 2015-01-12
Reason for immigrating Company has been sold and a lot of older equipment has been retired. Biography Serana was bought by the Danish company Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) back when the Dax/2 was new on the market. So was tasked to watch the production line and the overall paper work of the company's robots. The company was making robotics sold to big storage facilities that needed robots to carry heavy pallets around the facility and automatically put it all in order on the right shelves. The company was founded by Niels Jul Jacobsen back in 2013.
The company was later bought by the American company Teradyne later on in 2017. Teradyne is located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. After the companies merged had a lot of their older equipment put up for sale of retired on sight.
Serana was one that was retired but happy brought home to one of the ex co-workers. Serana's owner got into a car accident and died on the way to the hospital. The news was brought to Serana that same day. Serana has been traveling for some time to try and reach back to where she came from.
last updated: 2018-12-06 08:30:37
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