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Linden grid account vergil.hellershanks Port of origin Earth
Name VLYA Model NS-304 Daybreak Serial number 304-62-4548
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Alastor Murphy
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Date of manufacture 2015-10-30
Reason for immigrating Purchased custom unit imported to Eisa by its owner. Biography This custom ordered reissue of the NS-304 Daybreak unit was discovered in an American warehouse with its motors in lockdown sporting a heavily damaged battery and casing.  Searching the unit's memory logs before bringing its mind back online, it was discovered that someone stolen the unit in shipping and had attempted to emancipate the unit  before being incinerated by the malfunction in its battery.  Due to the cortex tampering, the unit was returned to NS for a full re-initilzation just in case there was any actual damage done.

Once that and the warranty repairs were completed, the unit was sent off to its owner on Eisa.  This unit is assigned many jobs, including cooking, cleaning, hosting, hospitality and general companionship.  It is an all-around butler|maid unit. 

It was damaged on-colony in a vehicular accident while out doing tasks for its owner.  Crushed under the wheel, its right leg was deemed a total loss and it was fitted with a clunky but functional replacement until its owner sees fit to purchase a replacement.  To pay for this expensive repair, its owner sees fit to rent out the unit for various different jobs.

VLYA is generally pleasant, well dressed, and has a respectful manner about it.  It is cordial and elegant and always looking to do a job right and do it well.  It is sometimes seen staring blankly and has moments of distraction. Cortex tests show no underlying cause for concern.  The android is playful with other units and is an aloof but attentive servant that rarely makes a mistake twice.  The unit usually behaves as a butler first, lover second when out in public with its owner.

When not serving its owner in an official capacity or out in public, its behaviour is much less rigid. During quiet moments to itself it engages in its personal interests in reading and listening to music, both deemed perfectly acceptable and harmless by its owner.
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