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Linden grid account danabird
Name Kora Model NS-112 Aide Serial number 112-15-5652
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Field Robotics Group Date of manufacture Aug 8, 1985
Biography A human dedicated to the medical field, her research falling on the healing properties of certain reptiles and antivenom. A doctor offered to aid in her studies in the desperate heat of a deadline needing to be met. Their studies together proposed grand theories as to how far reptile regeneration could go, the subject of cell manipulation and possible bioprosthetics coming up. As a means of furthering her research, she is given an opportunity to become part of a team dedicated to regenerative attributes that could potentially benefit humanity. She accepts her membership, completing her field in studies before leaving off with this odd organization...

Kora is a Nanite Unit gifted in the medical field. Her memories only consist of her placement on Eisa, her attitude based on protocol, showing no more emotion beyond basic medical concern, hinted annoyance, happiness, or somberness. Anything before then is nothing but static and a growing headache. Since her 'birth', she has transferred from city to city looking for any openings in the medical field to study different bipedal, quadrupedal and other functions' anatomies further.

Many rejected her because of her anthropomorphic design, others feared her resting 'glare' would cause more fear and worry within patients and politely shooed her away. She has since stationed herself in two cities, having to dress in a style that helps her 'fit in'. A near run-down city of citizens titled Wylieville, and the City of Planet Valaran that,  due to its futuristic setting, fills Kora with a sense of calming familiarity as opposed to the grunge of Wylieville. Though somewhere, deep down... Kora wishes to return home and serve in her rightful place as a Medical Unit among her brethren. To serve Eisa is to serve destiny.
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