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Sim rebuild status update

Greetings! We're still in the middle of reconstructing the sim in line with the next huge chapter in the Eisa timeline. For those of you who missed last year's treasure hunt, its theme was heavily concerned with disintegration of reality. Ancient ruins, tears in space, strange new robot control devices, and hostile anomalies began to appear all over the city, and it quickly became clear that what was going on was not merely some minor accident caused by a rogue pilot testing out an experimental rocket engine in orbit. After a climactic fight with a huge anomaly that threatened to destroy the entire colony, things took a turn for the worse, if not for the worst, and in the end a massive explosion obliterated Eisa Colony and its surroundings.

Months after the explosion, when the dust has finally settled, we'll finally get a chance to look at what was buried beneath the city, and at the source of all these strange phenomena. What exactly is the Relic controller, and who made it? Was Eisa home to alien life before it was settled by modern humans? Will vi0let ever succeed in her quest to make a sentient toaster? These questions and more will all be answered soon...

For those of you new to Eisa, yes, this means that roleplay is suspended in all practical senses, although our siblings and friends at Gaga-Rin are still very industrious and active on the far side of Eisa, so don't worry! There's still plenty of fun to be had in the Better Today universe.

4 years ago by Samantha Wright

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