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Linden grid account vincentantony.renierd Port of origin N/A
Name V-7761 "Valiant Ether" Model RDX//5.2c S/A3 "LEVIATHAN" I-D Serial number 115-65-8228
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Dr. Isra'kiel Fairley (Fairley Corp.)
Manufacturer Fairley Corporation; HARDtech Branch - RDX Division Date of manufacture 2011-09-28
Reason for immigrating Created by Dr. Fairley; Immigrated with him. Biography [MAJOR REVAMP IN PROGRESS. STAND BY.]

Fifth in the series of the Radiant Draco line and the very first fully robotic version, LIONHEART bears a Model 6 chassis made to resemble an extremely lithe, feminine male with vague, generic animal features. He was constructed with the tools bought by Vincent to maintain himself and create new parts.

Serving as a satellite construct, he is part of Vincent's systems but his own separate entity. LIONHEART is unique in his being fit with the Fairley Corp. freewill programs, which give him the choice to refuse commands given to him. That said, LIONHEART will always eventually give in. As such, he is meant to be a more playful and 'bratty' companion, rather than completely subservient.

Like Vincent's cyborg self, LIONHEART is a pain slut synthetic, getting his biggest thrills out of being used and destroyed, and then repaired to full functionality. In addition to this main purpose, LIONHEART comes with a multitude of various "heavy" chassis parts, showing his secondary intended purpose as that of a defense robot. As an homage to the old Mega Man games, LIONHEART comes standard with a set of panels in his right arm that unfold into a blaster. Due to being unable to afford an actual use license for the blaster, Vincent has made it clear it is for "emergencies only".
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