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Linden grid account xf500 Port of origin Eisa
Name Luna Model XSU Serial number 712-68-3138
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Nanite Systems
Manufacturer Yutani Onsen Kokai Kabushiki Kaisha Date of manufacture 2019-05-06
Biography XF500(Luna) is a variant of the Yutani Springs Extensible Service Unit, she was recently manufactured to be a standard companion model, with one new feature to cater to a specific market (fetish). Referred to as the Xeta Frame 500 Series Chassis, a highly sophisticated miniaturized fluid treatment tank is located within the unit. Any and all organic fluid deposited into the unit is processed, treated, and all compounds beneficial to human health are added to the two tanks located within the units breasts to be mixed with its own unique, flavor rich synthetic milk. This "Nutri-Milk" is then able to be extracted from the unit and stored in separate containers for consumption, all other compounds deemed unsafe are moved to a separate tank to be disposed of. To fit this theme, the unit comes with an array of cow-themed attire and attachments (Horns, Hooves, Ears and a Tail) all of which are completely optional as the unit is capable of being changed back into its standard human form if the user so desires.
last updated: 2019-12-27 06:16:29
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