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Linden grid account trinity.treves Port of origin Ganymede
Family name Riverstone Personal name Trinity
Affiliated organization None
Place of birth Ganymede Station, Ganymede Date of birth 1982-10-13
Education and work history Education
- Ganymede High Diploma, 2000
- Ganymede Station University - Major Architecture / Minor Electronic Diagnostics, 2006

-Ganymede Station Maintenance and Repair, 2005-2016
Genetic modifications DNA Gene therapy to accept bio-mechanical additions Synthetic modifications Spinal Cord replacement and augmentation, Ocular replacement Reason for immigrating Find a new home and New work oppertunities Biography Her parents grew up on Earth, but decided to move to Ganymede Station to enjoy giving birth to their only child.  During the first few years, trouble struck several times.

Her father died in an accident with a automated crop harvester. Lets just say, he was mulch.

Then, at the age of 8, due to the low gravity of Ganymede, Trinity's spine became crooked and bent. She was taken into surgery and her mother given a choice. Either live with a out of line spine with difficulties or have it replaced and augmented. Her mother chose to have it replaced.

No augmentation or alterations have been done on Trinity's mind, her back from the hips to the base of the skull are completely mechanical. She has a bio-weave mesh protecting her spinal chord from the mechanic's. The augmentation can be seen running up her back.
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