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Linden grid account janinetanner Port of origin Earth
Name J-A-9 Model DAX/3 Serial number duhovad.02881.nag
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization
Manufacturer Chassis: Nanite Systems - Controller: Unknown Date of manufacture 2020-06-05
Reason for immigrating Unit released into NS/EISA hands for reasons explained in the Biography section Biography -Short Version-
Part Cyborg part Gynoid
50% Human Brain/Research intern
50% Synthetic Brain/DAX Companion designed for female relations.
Connection Sync made possible by the Relic Controller.


-About Janine-

Always a bookworm since her childhood, Janine attended various schools during her studies in Cosmology, her focus was in all things associated with Extraterrestrial, she longed to join the search for life outside the humanity, and in time she was able to intern with [REDACTED] who was a great mentor for her and treated her like his own daughter.

Janine was never a social focused person, she is a major introvert, preferring to stay home and read rather than go out drinking and partying. She enjoyed various movies and programs all related to alien life.

She was excited to join her Mentor in studying the Relic controller that someone had attempted to sell to [REDACTED] and joined him in the flight to return the controller to EISA Colony and Nanite Systems.

All she heard was a "phip" sound and then everything went black, sometime later she awoke but not by opening her eyes  but by a bootup screen of a DAX Gynoid unit, from the Units point of view...


-Tragic Backstory-
After the events that nearly destroyed the EISA Colony, a smuggler acquired one of the Relic controllers and returned it to Earth in order to try to sell it, fortunatly he was caught and arrested quickly since he chose the wrong researcher to try to sell it to, the researcher made a deal with EISA in that he would be allowed to run some surface scans on the Controller, provided he shared the results with EISA/Nanite Systems, and then return the controller.

Janine Tanner was the intern of the Researcher, she accompanied him as he went on the journey to bring back the stolen controller. It was on the space flight that disaster occured, Micro meteors are still a major threat to space travel, moving fast enough to slip through some ship shields, they are rare but still occur, the space flight was unlucky enough to encounter one of these small streams of Micro meteors and several penetrated the ship, the ship had self repairing tech so all of the holes were quickly filled and the ship suffered no major damage, however Janine was not so lucky, one of the meteors struck her in the head and penetrated her brain, the researcher and several others worked quickly to try to save Janine and preserve her brain, the damage quickly spread and severed her nervous system connection to her spinal column, the major damage was that roughly 55% of her brain was damaged beyond repair.

There was one Gynoid on board, a programmed sex unit designed for Female interaction, the owner allowed the unit to be used in an attempt at saving what remained of Janine Tanner.

Janines brain was placed in a standard containment "Jar" and connected to the Gynoids synthetic brain, several parts of the synthetic brain needed to be removed in order to lessen the strain on both brains physcial space as well as mental space, but the connection would not sync correctly, the DAX Companion Controller was unable to achieve the sync rate of the two brains, it was then that the researcher made a decision to attempt to use the "Relic" controller that was being brought back to Nanite systems.

The Relic controller was installed and after several internal adjustments it was aboe to sync up both brains to work together, more or less at the same time.

Upon arrival, the researcher explained what happened and would take full responsibility for his actions and would take any punishements, if any, that Nanite Systems deemed neccesary for the use of the Relic Controller.

The Fate of Janine Tanner, and J-A-9 will be up to Nanite Systems and EISA Colony.

((If the use of the use of the Relic Controller breaks EISA story elements and should not be used in this backstory, just let me know and I will make adjustments.))
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