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Linden grid account cinell.demonista Port of origin **CORRUPTED**
Name Pandora-IX Model X-Type [Experimental] Serial number ZHD-8008/S
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Ingrid Leeds of **CORRUPTED**
Manufacturer **CORRUPTED** Date of manufacture **CORRUPTED**
Reason for immigrating Emergency relocation; concerns for this unit's preservation. Biography Pandora-IX
Multi-purpose automaton.
Advanced A.I. with learning and problem-solving capabilities.

*Social, Companionship, Offense, and Defense are its primary functions.

-Socialization limited to English with an expansive vocabulary  [Needs work]. A range of personalities though by default it will use "Domme"; a forward, assertive thought process with extroverted behavior and seductive tones. Typically striving to keep control over conversation, as well as her surroundings.

[Note: The personality setting has a bad habit of swapping to "Subservient" or off entirely to a factory default monotone, needs work.]

-Companionship geared towards Human Organics and other Automaton/Synthetic units. May not react accordingly to mutation nor non-Human organics [Still working out kinks]. A full range of sensual equipment to allow for comfort and stability during use, vibration and temperature control [Limited] are just some of the many features this model has at its disposal.

-Offensive arsenal consists solely of an concept P.P.C. Handgun, utilizing plasma particle projectiles and fusion based energy cartridges which are stored and recharged over time in the Left Arm compartment; the Left Arm also has sharp claws that could be dangerous to organic and synthetic flesh.

-Defensive capabilities are relatively generic. Titanium plating on most of the external shell [Needs lightweight plate replacements], however the sensual areas are made with a rare material identified only as X92c. X92c is a 'cousin' to Gel substances which holds metallic like presentation, however the faster the impact, the harder the surface becomes. The gentler, the easier it is to knead and temporarily manipulate; carefully scaled so not to be too much nor too little, and withhold a feasible consistency. It's effective against low caliber weaponry and most all forms of bludgeon, though mid/high caliber firearms and weapons with intense heat may very well compromise its foundation. Pandora-IX also has a shield system, but it's on the fritz at present.

"This unit was fashioned with the intent to be the perfect bodyguard, but unforeseen circumstances prevented thorough development. As I'd rather this experimental model to remain intact, I'm sending it somewhere it'll be safe until I can return to continue making progress." -I.L.
last updated: 2015-11-23 18:33:18
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