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Linden grid account dennischeckly Port of origin Kennedy Space Center
Family name Montague Personal name Eddy Middle name(s) Allen
Affiliated organization none,looking to work security, bounty hunting or Nanosec
Place of birth Kalamazoo, MI, USA Date of birth 1996-02-08
Education and work history Basic high school education, diploma, no trade schools or university on file.  Was working at East Jordan Ironworks when a casting explosion damaged his Arms and respratory system, was subsquently let go from employment and with no new prospects in the area left earth and worked in the moon warehouses for a year before moving on to Eisa to seek a chance at a better life.

Genetic modifications none Synthetic modifications Cybernetic arms and faceshield and respirator, Reason for immigrating Seeking a better paying job, will comb the gutters and be a bounty hunter until something comes up, Biography recently arrived from the moon warehouses Eddy is looking for a chance at a better life on Eisa.
last updated: 2020-09-07 18:45:59
Eddy Montague
posted 12 days ago
looking to join a new sci-fi RP world! Love the fact that you are back, saw that your RP had went away and was sad that I never experianced the old sim, looking forward to seeing what this becomes!
Hanna-Maria "Hanako" Kuusisto
posted 10 days ago
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