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Linden grid account salomon.endsleigh
Name H0-LL13 Model XSU Serial number 712-57-9504
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Field Robotics Group Date of manufacture 2017-08-11
Biography Designed two years prior to their completion the unit designated to be assigned as H0-LL13 was to be sent off world as a governess. The client was an upper business man who needed a care taker for their daughter. The mother having died from child birth made need of some care taker, teacher, and nanny for the daughter while he was away. Her appearance reflects a more animalistic look in hopes to give the effect of a stuffed animal for easier attachment and ease of anxiety in their presence. Nearing the end of completion the daughter passed from sudden illness and left the unit pointless. The client no longer wanting it as it had ties to his lost family, leaving the unit left on Eisa. The unit was still completed in hopes of reselling for additional funds. With no inquires for such unit they were upgraded for adult entertainment in appearance and interior functions. abandon since payment was already made and they moved onto the next project.

The unit themselves displays a mixture of skills and uses. Being originally a nanny in design H0-LL13 has knowledge of cuisine. Basic to advanced she can make a dish from nearly anything edible she is familiar with. Cleaning and elegant house organization is one of her main drives and always persistent in her and being displayed even when out and about, even in others' places. Basic teaching experiences and skills are known but used very little. Her parts allow for use in adult recreation but has little to no understanding other than what she can look up.

H0-LL13 as a unit has an upper class motherly style to it. It's use of languages and grammar are kept in the posh tone when knowledgeable about the current topic or doing some form of task/duty. The manners fade away the more unfamiliar the topic is, it being an easy way to tell if she is lying too. Sometimes being too accepting and trusting it has gotten them into trouble a few times. A good amount of her understanding of pleasure is basic but is mostly innocent. When flustered she quickly starts to stutter and repeat herself, in a few extreme cases she will drip and leak. The feel of it being slightly foreign to her she still accepts it and likes it, even if her body language is not showing it.
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