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Linden grid account alizarin.sveiss Port of origin Tei Tenga
Name Lambda Model oXq.205.4i Relic Serial number 205-30-3108
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Relinquish Enrichment and Augmentation Laboratories (or REAL)
Manufacturer unknown Date of manufacture unknown
Reason for immigrating Brand Ambassador and Open Public Beta for ZalGOS Project. Biography Lambda is a custom prototypic AI entity running a suite of in-development operating system (ZalgOS) software, on top of the NS Framework.

The custom software in question has been developed by Relinquish Systems as part of a project to develop "The ultimate in digital companion and courtesan fulfillment."

The current model hardware has been modified from the ground up to fully leverage the features provided by ZalgoOS and features several design choices that have been deemed by Relinquish Systems to be "Extremely acceptable and attractive to users seeking companion entities that are flexible enough to fill all manner of roles, from that of the most detached and dutiful bodyguard to the most quivering, needy servant, and every degree between."

To accomplish this, Lambda's chassis is fitted with a proprietary sensor system and a custom cortex (dubbed the SolVat by REAL in product documentation) that contains a non-Newtonian liquid dispersion capable of maintaining, reading, altering, and aggregating digital memory through application of miniscule charges. These two systems seem to result in Lambda very granularly mimicking sentient organism speech, behavior, thought, and reflex patterns, despite being completely artificial. These behavioral patterns seem to be modifiable on a very fine scale, with personality aspects being surgically editable and yet still able to evolve on their own by leveraging behavioral algorithms. By leveraging functionality provided by AToS and TESI, these sensors seem to dramatically enhance and diversify unit's potential responses to damage (when this response is specified), and all manner of physical interactions (when this response is specified).

[REAL has provided video footage of this unit reacting with what appears to be increasing positive sexual tension to merely being charged or called "good girl", as an example of the robustness of the sensor system.]

REAL has specified, in product description, that these behavioral patterns will never approach Lambda believing she has rights or autonomy comparable to human organisms beyond " 'role-playing' situations in which suitors or currently designated owners have designated this behavior as critical for entertainment purposes." Further, REAL has noted that "any such behaviors are time limited to three hour maximums to ensure courtesan sessions can proceed uninterrupted" and that "All memories acquired while this behavior is enabled are selectively wiped when the behavior designation expires, barring data critical to REAL's user experience improvement program."

Lambda has been deployed to Eisa with several directives from REAL regarding  UX data aggregation, and she has "shown interest" in submitting herself to the Digital Courtesan program when she is not performing reporting tasks or other duties for REAL.

REAL has stipulated, under "threat of aggressive litigation or restitution seeking by any means available", that Lambda/her chassis are property of REAL and may not be disassembled, modified, reverse engineered, duplicated, retained unlawfully, or otherwise restrained or physically abused in any manner that results in unavoidable damages to REAL's data acquisition  efforts. Documentation specifies (in red text!) that any above actions that allow REAL's data aggregation or business duties to proceed unhindered that may be experienced by nature of the Digital Courtesan Program will be exempt from such litigation/restitution efforts. 

last updated: 2020-12-22 09:31:27
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