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Linden grid account shadkite Port of origin Mars colony TI Factory
Name C.A.S.S. Model Serial number 478-32-9418
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization
Manufacturer Takakura industries Date of manufacture unknown
Biography not much is know about this combat built unit, fro the time of her creation she has served in the takakura marines corp till the present day, he AI is quirky to say the least and tends to glitch out causing her to become rather trigger happy.
over the last year or so, her AI personality module has grown more dark and as her AI has gone from multiple chassis, and multiple controller cores.
due to this the unit is considered unstable and was removed from front line duty and placed in the marines military police to run standard guard duty.
the unit has also shown a tendency to disregard orders when they are issued which has in several instances lead to the chassis destruction, it is advised that any person/personnel who com in contact with this unit use extreme caution to not trigger and AI glitches as the units actions are random when  glitch is operating. this unit is know to also disregards organic life and considers most organics disposable or target practice this includes cyborg's and converts.
last updated: 2020-12-22 09:33:02
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