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Linden grid account ayera.callisto Port of origin Kojima Industries Testing Laboratories
Name Midori Model NS-112 Serial number 112-24-6062
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Kojima Industries, on indefinite loan to Nanite Systems
Manufacturer Kojima Industries/Nanite Systems/Utilizator Date of manufacture 2015-11-03
Reason for immigrating Designated and shipped as assistant unit to NS liason unit "Mochi" Biography -DELIVERY NOTICE-

Destination: Nanite Systems

Description: One (1) modified "Coney" unit delivery box, including contents: One (1) KI unit "Midori"

Kojima Industries Miscellaneous Production Unit "Midori" is formerly a laboratory testbed unit from the Kojima Industries Third Party Compatibility Program. Testing has proceeded to field trials, thus ending her test period. No longer required at the laboratory, she has been de-classified and released with a provisional production unit designation, and assigned to the KI liason office on Eisa. On arrival, her ownership will be transferred to Nanite Systems as a complementary unit to the Coney Unit "Mochi."

As a continuation of the compatibility program, Midori is a hybrid of several manufacturers systems. Midori consists of a Utilizator brand "Rikugou" modular chassis, integrated with both a Kojima Industries "CONEA" bio-mimetic processing core, and installed with a Nanite Systems NS-112 "Aide" controller unit as a user interface. Advances in our integration technology have resulted in a stable hybrid unit with no observed neurological errors or deficiencies.

Due to her isolation in a laboratory environment, Midori has not had time for the personality of her processing core to develop. All steps were taken to provide adequate social and emotional stimulation to develop stable fundamentals for her personality, but the full development will result from emergent behavior upon interaction with the outside world.

We at Kojima Industries would like to thank Nanite Systems for their ongoing goodwill in this hardware compatibility program, and hope you will appreciate the further liason work assistance provided by this new unit.
last updated: 2016-01-11 18:03:36
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