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Linden grid account xynx001 Port of origin Ethereal
Name XynX Model 001 Serial number 998-53-5678
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization
Manufacturer Xyn Xiang Date of manufacture 3/20/2020
Biography Xyn Xiang: Former female Homosapien.  Self converted to robot form to escape the burden of human emotions, temptations, and sociopathic behavior that brought her so much pleasure.  The unit's mind has been wiped of all former human connections, memories of self, and sense of free will.  The unit is aware that it exists, and that it's name is Xyn, but it is not aware that it was ever human or that it made itself into a fully artificial life form, it unable to recognize former friends, acquaintances, or lovers.  If it is reminded that is was once an organic it is programmed to delete the memory or the encounter, the unit will also start to avoid anyone that might continue to suggest it is human, eventually blocking them from its sensors if they continue to suggest it was once organic, this part of the unit's programming is hardwired and cannot be overridden.  The unit's original core programming is based upon an AI created from Xyn Xiang's organic brain and allows it basic autonomy to self sustain and repair, communicate, learn, and develop a unique personality free from any emotion or any other organic shortcomings.  When built, the unit was equipped as a basic companion bot, it has basic defense and combat skills.  During prototype testing it was found, much to Xyn Xiang's dissapointment, that the core AI was incompatible with TESI programming and hardware, Xyn Xiang did not have the time to correct the issues and continued conversion without such programming.  It is advised that TESI or other similar addons be used with extreme caution.  The unit currently has no owner or caretaker as it was programmed to take care of itself, however, Xyn Xiang was not able to determine how to lock others out of her controller when she completed the final wipe of her mind, the unit could potentially be claimed by anyone. 
last updated: 2021-03-19 09:05:33
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