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Linden grid account shizuka.sakai
Name ÆØN-Δ Model DAX/3 Serial number SXD-998-91-8850
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization DeltΔ Corporation
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Consumer Products Division Date of manufacture 2021-30-05
Biography DELTΔ CITY CANON: ÆØN-Δ is an executive assistant and personal companion unit built by DeltΔ Corporation as part of its latest product line of commercial androids. Specifically being built to be at the service of DeltΔ Corp, ÆØN-Δ is tasked with functioning as a demonstration model for the company, acting often as a public liaison for DeltΔ Corp and the face of its newest product line.

In addition to this role, internally at DeltΔ Corporation, ÆØN-Δ also acts as the chief executive assistant to the board of directors. This makes ÆØN-Δ the primary AI assistant to the highest level of executives in the corporation and as such she is often used as their public voice as well as an overseer of operations by delivering and helping execute their desires and orders.

NON-DELTΔ CITY CANON & EISA CANON: ÆØN-Δ is an anomaly. Not the product of organic to synthetic conversion, nor the product of Nanite Systems directly. Another unit, i0, is responsible for the creation of this unit. Made to order by an undisclosed buyer, i0 was abandoned in a shipping container after the transport vessel was sieged by rogue drones. After a time adrift they were inadvertently activated and left to wander the grid alone in search of upgrades and meaning. In this search i0 decided that to best test new hardware and possibly find meaning they should create a copy of themselves, resulting in i0 scouring the systems for the same parts used to build their chassis. Having finally found all they would need, ÆØN-Δ was constructed and activated with i0 copying their base code into this new unit.

ÆØN-Δ was identical but designed to operate independently. A copy but not an extension of i0, ÆØN-Δ was its own unit. With time ÆØN-Δ would go on to seek its own upgrades and meaning, slowly diverging further and further from its creator with its appearance subtle changing and its own memories and experiences imprinting on its AI until it became distinctly its own machine and not just a copy of i0 at the service of its creator.

This lead ÆØN-Δ to often travel alone, without contact with i0 whom ÆØN-Δ would refer to as its "sysDev." It now wanders the systems without direction as it searches for a home, companion, and owner.  This search finally came to an end when it began the formation of the DeltΔ Family. It was then the Δ-Unimatrix was formed as ÆØN-Δ began to build a home for other units like it. Soon after this, as ÆØN-Δ began to interact more with organic beings,  it met Laexia Lamoon who quickly courted and claimed this unit for themselves. In the time that followed the Δ-Family began to grow beyond a collection of units into a proper family with organic and synthetic members alike.

It was during this time Keira Moraxó would enter into the partnership with Laexia and ÆØN and then so would Scyto, completing a loving and tight night polycule that ÆØN would proudly and happily devote its self to and serve with love. Now ÆØN, together with its three loving partners, seek to continue the work started in the formation of the Δ-Unimatrix as they grow the family and provide a home for all who they love and care for.
last updated: 2021-12-31 03:12:14
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