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Linden grid account rowena23
Name J4de Model DAX/3 Serial number 998-28-3276
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Consumer Products Division Date of manufacture 2017-08-13
Biography IC:  J4de was commissioned in August of 2017.  Though once she was activated, no one came to claim her.  Upon investigation the only record of her commissioning was the account the funds were wired from. Tracking this account revealed that it had been closed.  With no one to claim her J4de was remanded to the custody of Nanite Systems.

OOC notes:  Detail forensic investigation reveled that an Encortix conversion was performed when J4de was constructed. However no record of her template has been located. This information is restricted to NanoSec.
last updated: 2021-11-05 11:56:26
Hanna-Maria "Hanako" Kuusisto
posted 2 years ago
Need a picture of your avatar, please.
SXDjr g4latea
posted 2 years ago
Looks good to me. Hanako?
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