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Linden grid account almalee01 Port of origin Titan
Name al3xis Model DAX/3M Serial number SXD-998-49-5639
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization
Manufacturer Brey Tech Incorporated Date of manufacture 2018-03-02
Reason for immigrating Refuge unit with no owner. Biography Brey tech Inc, a rather shady company on the moon Titan that made their fortune in arms dealing, money laundering, and loan sharking, had decided to expand its operations into brothel's and to celebrate, decided to build their very own sex bot. After "sourcing" a complete chassis for a unit, controller included, they went about trying to find a personality matrix for it.

However when trying to buy a personality matrix for their unit, they discovered it would be almost a 3 year waiting period for the coveted courtesan model, and the current models on market were primarily military. So they decided to seek alternate routes. They hired a team of questionable legality to draft a clause in their loan terms that, if having to default or behind in payments, they could have three options.

1: Go to a corporate prison for an undisclosed amount of time.
2: Go to a corporate owned labor site and work away your debt.
3. Volunteer to have  your mind put into a robot for "just" one year.

Having drafted the new clauses, and sneakily pushed them through to all loans, past and prior, the company now had what they needed to find a personality matrix for their unit and all they had to do was wait.

Alexis, a rather poor girl who was orphaned on the moon after her parents were killed in work accident, was forced to take out a rather small loan just to pay for her apartment to be fixed, unfortunately for her, she was fired just days after from her job, and in her town, jobs were scarce. When she informed the "Bank" about her situation, she was offered the three choices, she chose option 3 as she was not very fit for a labor site, nor did she fancy prison.

As a result she was taken to the companies headquarters, asked to sign some papers and was given some assurances, and explained what would happen to her body in the mean time, told she would be put in cryo and when the year was over, she would be returned to normal. After hearing all the promises and assurances, she hesitantly signed the dotted line and was shown to where she would stay for the night.  Promptly the following morning she was taken to a lab in the headquarters, put into a machine that seemed to take up half the room and was told what was going to happen to her, then finally she was given a countdown.

"10.... 9... 8... 6..." she counted down along with the person on the intercom, however when she reached 3 everything went blank. Her mind was now stored neatly in the databanks of the Robot the company had waiting, only her personality and voice were copied for ready use, everything else was locked neatly away behind several fail safe systems.

Several years had passed since the creation of al3xis, and as the company did not bother with maintaining her, her systems started to degrade, eventually the failsafes failed and her mind was freed, albeit very slightly. After realizing she was lied to and used as a sex toy for the last few years, she planned an escape from the moon.

Having fled the building and finding the space port, she managed to barter passage to Eise, the poorly maintained, and nearly failing bot arrived at the customs in the suit in which the corporation had made for her. As she went through the customs checkpoint an alarm played "Warning: Stolen hardware detected" Having been brought aside for questioning, she had hoped it would go smoothly...
last updated: 2021-10-20 17:36:02
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