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Linden grid account sdollpeggy3000
Name p3ggy 3000 Model [REDACTED] Serial number 478-69-1337
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization
Manufacturer [REDACTED] Date of manufacture 2020-##-##
Biography Biography:

Probably the biggest Courtesan you ever seen if that is even possible, it's rumored she have been seen all around the place, even thou she looks intimidating she acts very friendly and always looking to please or be pleased... some claims she hunts lonely robots and people at night.

She is Big and bulky, capable of displaying immense feat of streght, her chassis can drastically modify its shape, yet small doors are her biggest enemies and will resent you for bringing her to small places or asking what she really is, her focus is to make money for a living no matter how.

Her origin is unknow almost like she poped out of nowhere, some people says she is a botched frankenteinish experiment from a wacko in the junkyard, other rumours say the company that created her is so ashamed of this robot they deleted her from the records and tried to cover the incident, it's also said the people that created this rumor were alledgedly missed or found dead.

Postures and phrases:

"Of course I don't believe in equal rights for robots and humans Ọ̴̇r̵̝̀ḡ̶̠ạ̵͋n̶̡͑í̶̤c̶͚͘s̷̛͈ ̴͇͆ả̴͇r̶̬̓e̷̦̓ ̴͙͠o̵̯͆b̵̭́ś̶̢ọ̵́l̴̨͆ḛ̷̈́t̷̻̃e̴̥͂"
-violet sky activist

"I hate them... I'll step on them, I'll humilliate them, I'll use them however I want ... Imagine all the energy used to convince people about robots free will and then an organic dumb fuck decides to get rid of it... what?! that I giving them what they want!? STFU!"
-about GIMPS

"am I a glitchy robot? am I a cyrborg with tourette? well... It's up to you to decide if you want to enjoy the ride or if I̵ ̵t̵h̷r̴o̵w̵ ̸y̴o̵u̴ ̸t̷h̴r̴o̵w̴ ̴t̵h̸e̵ ̵w̵i̸n̴d̵o̵w̸  *coff*  what? *coff* you forgot what you were asking?"
-People asking too many questions

"You just don't give Ava Devine a Robot body with multiple penises and then ask why everybody's ass is sore"
-To her creator

"When God looked the other way, I happened... Ȟ̸̫̦e̸̦̺͂ ̸͓̈ş̴͆t̴̥̓i̴̗͌l̵̙͠ḻ̵̼̇͝ ̶̗̭͛r̶͕͕͝ẽ̶̱͜f̵͍͍̎ȗ̴̖͎̀s̵̞̈́̚ͅe̷̝̬͒̀s̶͎̣̎ ̵̱͙̈́͗ț̶̻̕ô̶̗͈ ̸̨̓l̸̫͕̕o̵̤̝͌̅o̸͚̊k̴̮̑͘ ̵̥̑̀ͅb̸͔͆̚ā̷̝͘c̶̨̉k̵͉͔̓.... and yet you keep looking for me"

Classified information:
Manufacturer: Nanite system
Controller model: Moded NS-478 REVENANT
Chasis: prototype Intelligent Nanites Density Arrange System
Type: 5d
Level: 4
Category: 0

Created by an accident by Veteran Dr. [DATA EXPUNGED] specialized on robotics and former student of [DATA EXPÙNGED], following the steps of his former teacher he retired from his military background and joined to the company [REDACTED] specialized on sexual robot.

Looking at the rough treatment clients gave to the robotic courtesans he decided to make the most advanced and durable Sex Doll capable to stand the worse of uses and extreme conditions a doll with a level of awareness capable of evaluate, adapt or create situations with human like reasoning to reach what he defined as "ultimate pleasure".

Thanks to the Newest adaptative Controller [DATA EXPUNGE] made by [DATA EXPUNGED] he was able to sync a countersan brain simulation into Military grade Prototype chassis model [REDACTED] which he got by using his contacts with the military since he was once the Lead scientist behind the development of this project (project which was cancelled due to the risk).

During the configuration of the new unit they exchanged the submissive psychological data of specifically designed for this unit by Dr [DATA EXPUNGED] personal drive in which he was storing his anatomically questionable hentai and a now deceased porn star simulation he was saving for a more personal project, this event passed unnoticed until it was too late.

At he moment of the showing the Sex Doll to the CEO for testing everything went wrong, instead of a configurable servant this one showed up to be sentient, dominant, and jumped sexually assault the CEO in [REDACTED], then proceeded to [REDACTED] until [REDACTED] just after [REDACTED] injuring ending with the life of several members of the staff before scaping.

Dr [DATA EXPUNGED] was released immidiately, the Sex Doll was never recovered leaving a degenerated sentient machine on the run.
last updated: 2022-01-01 23:19:18
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