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Linden grid account kuro.umino
Name NF/3 LY-N13L Model Humanoid Sexual Interface, (HSI) Serial number SXD-998-50-9766
Kampff-Voet test status (?) TEST NOT APPLICABLE FOR THIS MODEL Owner or affiliated organization Lycrian Enterprises (Former) // NanoSec (Current)
Manufacturer Lycrian Robotics Division Date of manufacture 2010-01-27
Reason for immigrating Homing in on manufacturer's beacon for rogue units. Biography ======================

Model: LY-N13L
Manufacturer: Lycrian Enterprises
Type: Gynoid // Pleasure Bot
Serial Number: LYEHSIN13L004244341161020100127
Firmware: Corrupted
Software: Corrupted
Status: Unknown


Classified Information:

Humanoid Sexual Interface, (HSI) model: N, type: Large, number: 13, manufactured by Lycrian Enterprises (LY), was built in the testing facilities at Ross 248 star system,

Model N13L is a standard gynoid programmed for humanoid sexual intercourses, to release stress at isolated mining facilities. The procedure creating N13L was standard without any complications. Model N13L was dispatched to Lycrian Enterprises owned mining facility at the outskirts of Andromeda, where it served its purpose as programmed, during which it had regular maintenance at monthly intervals. She had served many patrons without a single sign of problems.

It was recorded that the small mining facility had encountered a traveler which sought for a place to stay for the night. Any recordings of this man has been erased and security camera footage stolen. According to witnesses the man requested to have some one on one time with the local model (N13L)

Model was found in the morning in a fetus like position where it kept on repeating "I'm only human." And the man who had been with her the day before had vanished.

The men who found her like this fled and reported to the chief engineer who came to see of what had happened. The chief engineer approached the model who lept on to him, toppling him down and, according to the security footage, continued to tear open his throat. Before any help could arrive in time, model N13L had crawled in to the repair hatches of the station.

Data gathered from the stories of the witnesses and footage from security cameras show that she crawled out from vents at the armory where she continued to arm herself with the standard issue X78B Armor, which is designed to be used by workers who are exposed to high radiation during missions. Model also armed herself with the newly modeled industrial plasma blade which is meant to cut trough hard surfaces.

The security staff had intercepted her as she stepped out from the armory, but as she felt no pain, the ballistic 9 mm bullets didn't have an effect on her, thus she continued towards the security guards and killing them with one big swing of her newly acquired sword.

The footage shows that she had made herself to the facility's main heat regulator and with one swing she broke it down, causing heat regulating problems within the facility and covering the rooms in thick mist. The survivors have reported that they kept hearing her voice throughout the complex as she kept on saying "I'm only a human." this gave her the nickname "Mistwhisperer".

The logs gathered form the main data-frame shows that she had acquired full access clearance card from the late chief engineer and judging from her movements, she knew the facility very well. She had locked herself in to the main airlock and after few minutes, jettisoned herself out.

After the rescue crew arrived, they had found that one of PRPs were missing (Personal Rocket Propeller) and it's suspected that she had stolen that one while evacuating the station.

The survey team also found out that she had tore part of her skin off, presumed that it was taken from the lower body and next to the torn skin they found out that the stantard issue tracking device had been shattered so tracking her down would be virtually impossible.

It is assumed that she is heading towards the DAX model manufacturer's HQ, but this may seem highly unlikely.



It is presumed that the man who had spent the night with her, had altered her firmware, despite it being, by the company records, impossible, which had presumably made the model N13L sentient. Records of this man had been erased and the survivors of this incident are in too big of a shock to remember anything. This individual must be captured immediately and brought in to interrogation.

Model N13L after becoming sentient had 27 recorded kills, thus breaking the first law of robotics. We suspect that model N13L is still armed thus making her extremely dangerous. If captured or comforted, immediate disassembly is required and the main memory storage unit sent to Lycrian Enterprises main laboratory, post haste.

After this incident all N models have been called back and put out of service and the manufacturing of the model N has been terminated.

The surviving crew from the facility will be dispatched to a asylum, and treated as high risk patients for the rest of their life.

Facility itself will be demolished, since it doesn't serve it's purpose anymore.

According to Lycrian Enterprises, this accident never happened and thus be erased from the existence, due to it's high risk of scaring away new and old customers.


Amalie Kokuhara
Head of Security
Lycrian Enterprises
last updated: 2018-03-26 22:19:43
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