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Linden grid account anotherfurry
Name geh3nna Model VAR/I Serial number 501-36-3301
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization
Manufacturer Veradyne Applied Robotics (with some collaboration from NS' battlefield division) Date of manufacture 14/08/2022 (actually 13/07/2020, but shh)
Biography [I don't really expect to be approved on a first try, since I've dug into the lore quite a bit but am prone to glossing over the bits of information I actually need... Still, I've had the 3 big questions I had answered (ty hanako!), so I hope this will not require as much refining and consulting as it would have been otherwise. This is an extremely early WIP that will be hopefully expanded upon when it's not 5 AM and I'm not getting my very important virtual paperwork done at unreasonable hours, of course. And when I get a better picture done, lol.]

[Absolutely everything here, including the very base concept of the character, is flexible. I've been wanting to play on Eisa for a long time, and this character is just what first came to mind since she's a port from an unfinished story of mine. No background character vaguely referred to here is linked to sim canon.]

.//geh3nna unit, model number 501-36-3301, was first created two years ago as a custom build with the primary purpose of being an "impenetrable" combat unit- One that could give chase through an irradiated hellhole, a noisy battlefield, a crowded city and a game of chess alike. Development was a partially-offworld hell of arguments and feature creep that only bore fruit by what could only be described as a miracle.

.//Due to  ̷u̷n̷d̷i̷s̷c̷l̷o̷s̷e̷d̷ ̷i̷n̷c̷i̷d̷e̷n̷t̷s̷  ᴵ̤ ̤ˢ̤ᵉ̤ᵉ̤ ̤ʸ̤ᵒ̤ᵘ̤  geh3nna only operated for a brief period of time after completion and was promptly shut down shortly before first deployment. ᴵ̤ ̤ʷ̤ᵃ̤ˢ̤ ̤ˢ̤ᶦ̤ᵐ̤ᵖ̤ˡ̤ʸ̤ ̤ʷ̤ᵒ̤ʳ̤ᵏ̤ᶦ̤ⁿ̤ᵍ̤ ̤ᵃ̤ˢ̤ ̤ᶦ̤ⁿ̤ᵗ̤ᵉ̤ⁿ̤ᵈ̤ᵉ̤ᵈ̤ Despite this, the unit was never fully scrapped and remained relatively complete, if nonfunctional, largely due to █████████'s insistence, even as he was fired and committed to a psychiatric facility shortly after. ᴸ̤ᵉ̤ᵃ̤ᵛ̤ᵉ̤ ̤ᵗ̤ʰ̤ᵉ̤ ̤ᵃ̤ˡ̤ᶜ̤ʰ̤ᵉ̤ᵐ̤ᶦ̤ˢ̤ᵗ̤ ̤ᵗ̤ʰ̤ᵉ̤ ̤ˢ̤ᵃ̤ᶠ̤ᵉ̤ᵗ̤ʸ̤ ̤ᵒ̤ᶠ̤ ̤ʰ̤ᶦ̤ˢ̤ ̤ᵐ̤ᵃ̤ᵍ̤ⁿ̤ᵘ̤ᵐ̤ ̤ᵒ̤ᵖ̤ᵘ̤ˢ̤,̤ ̤ʷ̤ʰ̤ᶦ̤ˡ̤ᵉ̤ ̤ʰ̤ᵉ̤ ̤ʳ̤ᵉ̤ᵇ̤ᵘ̤ᶦ̤ˡ̤ᵈ̤ˢ̤ ̤ʰ̤ᶦ̤ˢ̤ ̤ʷ̤ᶦ̤ⁿ̤ᵍ̤ˢ̤ ̤ᵒ̤ᶠ̤ ̤ʷ̤ᵃ̤ˣ̤.̤

>That we are writing about you does not mean you get to add your cryptic notes. Please remove your hand from the pad, would y- Yes, thank you.

.//A decision was made, eventually, to restore the unit to an operational state. Despite its many flaws, its remarkable performance, adaptability and remaining feature-set still made it quite a marvel, one unworthy of sitting in a dark room for eternity. With the stripping of its more extreme weaponry - making sure to maintain the shock factor of its bladed design - and additional filters and safety precautions programmed in, it was just about ready for a second chance.

.//If everything goes as planned this time around, that is.

last updated: 2022-08-18 04:38:07
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