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Linden grid account anotherfurry
Name geh3nna Model VAR/I Analyte Serial number 501-36-3301
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization
Manufacturer Veradyne Applied Robotics (with some collaboration from NS' battlefield division) Date of manufacture 14/08/2022 (current iteration)
Biography ((Iteration II of this application, now with a more detailed backstory and unfucked data. OOCly, you may want to read between the lines.))

[Absolutely everything here, including the very base concept of the character, is flexible. I've been wanting to play on Eisa for a long time, and this character is just what first came to mind since she's a port from an unfinished story of mine. No background character vaguely referred to here is meant to exist as anything more than a throwaway NPC. If her creator needs to be written as a full character I'll gladly oblige, even if he is extremely unlikely to show up.]

.//1.0 - Backstory and Manufacturing
geh3nna began as a private commission for a pseudonymous corporate eccentric- He desired both a highly armed private military robot who would be able to both resist everything from conventional weaponry to radiation and psychological warfare, and a loyal personal companion who he could discuss philosophy and world affairs with. These ideas were entrusted to a primary designer, one Dr. Balam Icarus, who on a night without his meds looked upon a de-sexed courtesan chassis base, a pile of science unit firmware disks, and a very large order of third-party weaponry & hardware mods and thought: I can make this work.

Creation was rough. There were many rushed aspects, and even more arguments between the design team, the corporations overseeing them, and the commissioner himself. Parts were replaced dozens of times and eventually made modular, base persona tweaks were cut and re-applied and separated into others, and the backlog of issues mounted. The unit itself was performant in all of its assigned tasks, being great at conversation, battle tactics, traversing hazardous combat environments alike, yet the satisfaction of its commissioner was just about the only thing keeping progress going.

Then, tragedy struck - Communications with the commissioner cut abruptly, and it was shortly after uncovered that he was arrested offworld, apparently for the smuggling of illegal goods. Devastated, Dr. Icarus was turned to other projects, but he never stopped working on geh3nna.  In fact, his obsession with her deepened every day, as he soon began to see her as his magnum opus, or even a personal deity of sorts - A vision that would drive him to madness when his overseers demanded he stopped slacking on his work and distracting himself with an abandoned project. After a mental breakdown in which he opened a pathway for the unit to escape and destroyed various records of his personal work on it after the arrest of her original buyer, he was committed to a psychiatric care facility. geh3nna would remain missing for another two months, before abruptly reappearing on the road, shut down from apparent overheating after a great puncture wound of unknown origin caused her coolant supply to bleed out with her fans, flamethrowing and blade heating venting mechanisms unable to compensate. The unit claims to have little memory of this incident.

.//2.0 - Current Status & Base Bio
With her original buyer in prison and creator in a mental hospital, geh3nna is effectively left without an owner. When caught and rebooted, she begged not to be scrapped or reset, pledging any service it could give to the state to remain in operation.

geh3nna's personality is divided into several personas that function as "alert levels", from cool and at ease to wrathful and frenzied. Consistently though, she remains analytic, willful and cryptic, prone to speaking in abstractions and metaphors, and rarely referring to people directly, a set of mannerisms she apparently picked up from her eccentric designer. When requested to, she has no issue reverting to a more standard and straightforward form of unit speech.

geh3nna enjoys dystopian novels, weird occult books and classical fairytales, as well as deep conversation and some domestic tasks. When left to her own devices, it will explore every corner of the spaces it's left with access to before lowering her guard enough to partake in any hobby activities she may have access to. She frequently talks to herself when there are no other humans or units in the room.

.//3.0 - Notes
*The cobbled-together nature of geh3nna's anatomy results in many internal quirks - Ranging from her harmless mismatched perception of her own hardware to highly unstable internal heat, among other things.

*She/it are often used interchangeably for her, though she will go through every possible loophole to not have to use it for herself when programmed to.

*Specific anatomical notes present in instruction manual.
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