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Linden grid account sumire.takeda Port of origin Tokyo, Earth
Name 5UM1R3 Model NS-115 Serial number 115-42-7975
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Darwin Amulet
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Field Robotics Group Date of manufacture 2020-09-20
Reason for immigrating Service Robot Biography 5UM1R3 was built on Earth to be a personal assistant, companion, and bodyguard for rental to high status clients in the entertainment industry.  After an accident involving a client and a pushy, autograph-seeking fan, she was placed into storage by the rental company, which went under within 6 months after both the client and the fan's family sued them out of business. She was sold to a private owner at auction at this time, and was recently purchased and re-activated prior to being sent to Eisa Colony. She has been through a full reconditioning and returned to her baseline personality.

5UM1R3 is a capable assistant, passable chef, skilled driver, discreet personal body guard, and an insatiable sex robot.
last updated: 2022-10-28 20:49:16
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