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Linden grid account daorcailin Port of origin New York City
Name cyb3rdolly Model Aegis Serial number 476-27-4949
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Nanite Systems Corporation
Manufacturer Unknown Date of manufacture Unknown
Reason for immigrating Survival - Expensive to maintain cybernetic implants Biography Originally named Daor Cailín, after her introduction to a new existence, this unfortunate young woman can be found trying to carve out a niche for herself.  Part human, part machine, she is as near a perfect blending of technology with organic material as it's possible to make.

To understand her, you need to learn about her past; formerly the daughter of a plumber father and a schoolteacher mother, their family was never a rich one.  When she came of age, she had high expectations of becoming a scientist, and joining the annals of history studying particle physics.  This required more funding than could be acquired, and she entered into an arrangement with some unseemly folks in New York, of an Italian nature, that resulted in a somewhat lucrative sex for bucks arrangement.

This worked well, for several months, until one particular client caught sight of the fledgling young lady, and arranged with her Mafia bosses to acquire her on a more permanent basis. They happily agreed to sell her as property to the gentleman, for only a mere fifty thousand US dollars.

Of course Daor protested, she had her own plans for her future, but by the time she was in the hotel room with her new client, it was already too late. And whilst she doth protested, she was given a sedative that knocked her out cold, and ended what previous life she had come to appreciate.  Over a period of several months, she would awaken for brief periods of lucidity, usually upon a cold slab or either metal or glass, never able to tell as she found herself always restrained to whatever her naked body lay upon.  On various occasions, something would be different to her, the lack of sensation in some part of her body, the sense of loss in others, and on one occasion; total blindness.  It wasn't until the end of this torment, that it became apparent what was happening to her; she was a testbed for the newly developing science of cybernetic fusion. The art of not just adding tech to a human, but blending it seamlessly with the host.

As the presentation date neared, the work performed on her was undertaken with her conscious for most of the time, during which she noticed that she had not once slept through any of it.  By the time of the gentlemans presentation to his shareholders, the last of her alterations would be the final nail in ensuring her past life would be no more, as with the aid of the new components, her identity was stripped from her, until only the basest personality remained as a framework for him to build a new being.  He gave her the name Daor Cailín, based on the Irish native tongue from whence he originated. Loosely translated, her name was to be 'Slave Girl'.

The presentation went as planned, she performed each task without much concern for herself, or wellbeing. Exactly as her new owner had intended.  What was unexpected, however, was that her personality retained enough of its former self identity that when she was sent back to the lab to be deactivated, she walked out of the building, in search of past elements of her life she had no memory of, merely the compulsion to locate.
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