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Linden grid account lightninggear
Name B1ue Model NS-115 Serial number 115-93-3829
Kampff-Voet test status (?) TEST PASSED Owner or affiliated organization None (Originally owned by the Snake Fist Pirates)
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Date of manufacture 2015-10-27
Reason for immigrating Redemption, security work. Biography B1ue was a massed produced security android created in response to the zootie attack on Eisa. Around the end of the skirmish, she was sent to the spaceport along with a small team to clean up the remaining zooties and re-establish orbital connections to Nanite Systems. Half way through the operation, the station was raided by pirates, identifying themselves to be a freelance syndicate known as the Snake Fist. The team was outclassed by dated, but still lethal nanite military technology, and after a fierce firefight, the team of androids were completely destroyed, leaving B1ue the only survivor.

B1ue was captured, reprogrammed, and heavily modified to be the pirates front line enforcer;  uploading homebrew combat data to her controller as well as a remote chip to keep her in check, she was forced to raid high value cargo ships, participate in assassinations, and sabotage trade routes. On B1ue's thirty second raid, the target being a military base, She was caught in an explosion during the fight against a squadron of security robots, damaging the remote chip and knocking her out of remote range. B1ue took this as her chance to finally escape, and took to the nearest escape pod, firing towards the nearest planet.

No other data is available on what has happened involving her whereabouts until she was picked up as a stowaway on a ship on course to Eisa. Her ultimate intentions, system integrity, and current personality settings are unknown.
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