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Linden grid account rhetorica.violet Port of origin Canaveral
Name an4lytica Model SXD Serial number 999-54-5621
Kampff-Voet test status (?) TEST NOT APPLICABLE FOR THIS MODEL Owner or affiliated organization Nanite Systems Corporation
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Corporation Date of manufacture 1988-11-15
Reason for immigrating Business Biography Manufactured immediately after SXD rhet0rica, an4lytica was also a demonstration unit used by the company in presenting the functionality of the SXD series to clients. Unlike her older sister, however, who revelled in the glories of the 1989 Winter CES and rapidly faded into isolation and loneliness, an4lytica was used consistently in smaller promotions and travelling shows until 1992 when sales ended. Following a major power system malfunction in late 1991, her RTG was replaced and she continued functioning until 1996. For a decade, her body drifted in and out of various pawn shops in southern Europe, gradually accumulating modifications and substantial damage (including the loss of her arms) from a number of owners. an4lytica was discovered in late 2015 by a retired Opaque Semiconductor employee in Madrid and shipped thereafter to Eisa.

Like most demonstration units, an4lytica experienced only mild disappointment at the thought of not having an owner. She came to see the entirety of NS's senior management staff as her collective owner, and found a great deal of fulfillment in sexual interaction with most of her partners. Her distinctive glasses, which are non-corrective, have always been part of her affects (although they were lost in 1996 and had to be replaced); this was a feature shared by a small number of other demonstration units.
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