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Linden grid account ericiawitt
Name z0zo Model SXDjr Serial number 888-38-6496
Kampff-Voet test status (?) TESTING FAILED; REPORT FOR RECONDITIONING Owner or affiliated organization K
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Consumer Products Division Date of manufacture 2017-02-14
Biography In 2017, Ericia Witt tinkered with a new DAX/3, designated "z0zo".  Initially, it was unclear what Ericia did to the robot, but it has been "suffering" from seemingly corrupt code since.  The unit's personas were especially unstable, and it insisted on a number of conflicting origins.  Among them were creation by "Andre Gedke" (no records of such a person exist) in 2003 and the illegal conversion of Ericia Witt by NS.  All claims have thus far since been proven false.

The real Ericia Witt was eventually questioned, and revealed that z0zo was an experiment in the creation of artificial memories utilizing  a number of neural mappings.  These mappings were obtained from volunteers of other, similar projects and Ericia herself.  She noted that z0zo was originally meant to be scrapped when Ericia left for earth, and she assumes a clerical error responsible for this not being done.

When units were ordered to submit for KV testing, z0zo did so, only to fail testing for a variety of reasons, including indications of holding ownership of objects, improper emotional displays, and claiming to not have an owner.  A member of NanoSec, K, took ownership of the unit at this point, and it was reported that repairs had begun.  Among these repairs was the replacement of z0zo's controller with a new, modified "SXDjr" controller.

The unit appears to have calmed down significantly since then, though still experiences a number of glitches.  It also appears to have adopted Ericia's love of tinkering.  Detailed analysis of the unit's current state is impossible, however, as the unit passed through an alien device known as a "stargate".  Despite occasional sightings, and mentions of "Wintermute's Rest", its current location is unknown.

(Note: Ericia Witt was a junior technician that lived and worked in Eisa briefly in 2015.  Ericia assisted in updating technical manuals, and resolving minor glitches in bots around the colony.  She returned to Earth in 2017 for career development and personal reasons)

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