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Linden grid account tara.milneaux Port of origin BM-SAT16
Name Tara De Vries Model Serial number T731-H374
Kampff-Voet test status (?) TESTING FAILED; RETIRE ON SIGHT Owner or affiliated organization Bright Metallic
Manufacturer Iscariot Research Date of manufacture 2009-03-17
Reason for immigrating Assigned by Bright Metallic to study the culture of the Eisa Colony. Biography Note: Large portions of this unit's memory drive has been periodically wiped for security reasons.

From Bright Metallic's acquisition and inventory records:
Built to serve as a lab assistant by the late Dr. Luka Iscariot, a scientist doing research on an off-world colony, unit T731-H374 was missing from the time of his death in 2010 until its retrieval on the offskirts of his failed colony by Bright Metallic in 2014 during a research mission. Since then, T731-H374 has served as the Editor of Bright Metallic Magazine, under the name Tara De Vries.

Humanoid, designed to look non-threatening. Covered in a self-healing synthetic skin, except one utility hand that has been replaced with a more clearly robotic model. One broken eye that always shows static, but still functions. Powered mainly by an obsolete liquid ingestible fuel.
last updated: 2016-02-23 20:10:53
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