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Linden grid account twist.snakeankle Port of origin KI Manufacturing and Training Facility, Tokyo
Name Mochi Model CONEA class-B Serial number KI-5991316-b
Kampff-Voet test status (?) TEST NOT APPLICABLE FOR THIS MODEL Owner or affiliated organization Nanite Systems
Manufacturer Kojima Industries Date of manufacture 2015-11-05
Reason for immigrating Gift, contact point, and collaborative experiment Biography Following Hurricane Bubbles and the subsequent zootie invasion in September and October, Eclipse, the local CONEA proxy for Kojima Industries, received a limited edition NS 304 Daybreak control system as a gift from Nanite Systems for being one of the crisis responders. Intrigued by this early model controller, she decided to experiment with combining NS and KI technology by integrating it into a CONEA chassis. The 'resultant abomination', as she phrased it, was Mochi. Satisfied with what she learned, Eclipse offered Mochi to rhet0rica and Dr. Samantha Wright as both a gesture of appreciation and a symbol of collaboration. From a practical standpoint, this has allowed Mochi to assume some of Eclipse's duties as corporate liaison, while Eclipse could focus on maintaining and developing KI's presence on Eisa.

Mochi is a Kojima Industries CONEA class-B, placing her in a category with civil service, emergency response, police, hazardous environment, and other such mass produced high performance models. She is best described as a B+, as she came equipped with some options packages including a Kojima Aegis defense field, a KI support contract, and even a sub-unit in the form of Midori, her assistant and by all appearances close friend. Uniquely, she also possesses her "Daybreak" controller, giving her additional protocols and functionality for NS hardware and software, though this does require the compromise of operating on a sonofusion cell rather than her original K-103 power core. *Note: This also means she has two serial numbers, one for her chassis, and one for her controller (NS304-54-5532).

As a fairly new unit, Mochi's personality is still emerging, but in most respects she acts like a typical coney: polite, solicitous, and relentlessly, mercilessly cheerful. This also means that the 'culture' in her mannerisms differs somewhat from that of NS synths. She refers to herself by name and in the first person, and her name is a simple word, only written with numerals as an embellishment when desired. She neither challenges nor makes any special point of her ownership, and superficially seems to behave with the independence and identity one might expect from an especially attentive and eager human assistant. On top of that, Mochi has certain CONEA specific quirks. She refuses to act in any way against, or criticize, Kojima Industries. She also tends to gently deflect any suggestions of physical intimacy more explicit than hugging or cuddling, generally by pointing out that she isn't designed for such, has no programming or physical features for such, and that her mouth is where her heavy duty bolt cutters are deployed. She would be the first to admit that her fully synthetic AI is not as powerful as an SXD's or most other units converted from humans.

Underneath that, however, Mochi is unflinchingly loyal to her owners, primarily concerned with their safety and well being, and uncompromising in seeing to it. Even when not immediately seen in the presence of rhet0rica, Dr. Wright, or President Peluso, chances are she's not far away from one of them. Her 'more limited' AI is also very stable and resilient, quite capable of reasoning, caring and devotion, and sometimes remarkable insight. She has demonstrated a diverse skillset from basic mechanic and technician duties to security details, office work, and domestic services. She likes cooking for people, even though she can't taste anything. Genuinely angering or upsetting Mochi is practically impossible. (Provoking her, on the other hand, is as easy as threatening one of the executives or NS personnel.)

In spite of seldom meeting in person, one of Mochi's few concerns is a conviction that Eclipse dislikes her. Whether or not that's true, or even possible, they always seem to work together smoothly.
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