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Linden grid account hacklis.laws Port of origin Monarch-Industries-394 Space Station R&D Facility & Golf Club
Name Miya Model Secretary Bot SE Serial number 409-04-9056
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Currently N/A
Manufacturer Monarch Industries Date of manufacture 2016-03-16
Reason for immigrating Model Field Test Biography Field Test Unit Info:

Body Type: Curvy
Second Skin™ Color: Ebony Brown
Eye Color: Hetero-chromatic Green/Blue
Hair Color: Brown with blonde highlights
Current Personality Quirks: Shy, Ditzy
Current IQ Set: 90

Promo Material If Field Test Successful:

A Secretary built for the modern world. The Secretary Bot SE Model is built to be the top of the line model with Second Skin™, a innovative personality model, EfficentX™ Technology, and even SE-Model Exclusive Security features.

Second Skin™ - This unit is using a new technology developed by Monarch Industries which makes the skin be impossible the tell the difference between human and robot. The technology also has the ability to emit pheromones from the skin, which can either soothe or "excite" the owner on demand.

Personality - Each default personality from the Secretary Bot line is entirely unique. Randomized on initial startup, your Secretary Bot will have their own little personality quirks. If the quirks don't suit you, a factory reset can be done to randomize the entire personality.* Expect the Unexpected!

*If factory reset, the unit will lose all memories unless backed up!

IQ - The unit is able to have their Intelligence set to any scale of your choice. Whether you want to dim this units smarts or brighten it up to be a highly intelligent companion, the choice is yours!*

*Temporarily disabled during security mode.

EfficentX™ - Designed for the on-the-go boss, this unit is designed with multi-tasking and schedule tracking in mind.

Security - The SE-Model is built with Nanite Systems™ Nightfall® Controller, which will provide bodyguard features for the owner. The unit will protect the owner at all costs with pre-loaded combat maneuvers. This unit also includes the MSH-2100b Combat Shield, which the unit can use to get you out of a tight spot. Let er' take a bullet for ya before she gets your coffee!*

*Warning: Do not intentionally shoot the unit or force it into danger. This will void the warranty.

Monarch Industries - Small steps, Huge effects
last updated: 2016-03-26 01:09:56
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