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Linden grid account rowena23 Port of origin Mare Tranquillitatis
Name r0wena Model Aide Serial number 112-28-3276
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Argos Areospace LLC
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Corporation Date of manufacture 2012-3-29
Reason for immigrating Transfer Biography Alicia argos was born in 1987 she was the youngest child of Nathanial Argo, Founder and COE of Argos Areospace.  Rather than follow the rest of her siblings into the family business Rowena sought out a career in  Law enforcement.  She graduated from Tranquility University in 2002 with a dual degree in justice and criminal sciences and applied for the Mare Tranquiliatis police academy.  Joining the colony security forces she served with distinction, rising rapidly through the ranks.  Tragically,  in 2012, Inspector Argos was murdered by persons unknown  The crime has not been solved to this day and has gone cold.  This is public knowledge.  It is also not the rest of the story.

While she was hospitalized, fatally wounded, her father stepped in.  Unwilling to lose one of his children, Nathanial Argos had a brain scan of his comatose daughter.  Soon after her memories had been captured in a digital format Alicia passed away.  Nathanial then purchased a new  Nanite system Aide unit,  r0wena serial number 112-28-3276, and uploaded his daughter's memories into the the gynoid.

Official dead, Alicia quickly adjusted to her new identity as r0wena, even with the inherent problems of being a gynoid.  She was now free to track down her killer and avenge her own death.  In order to keep up the masquerade it was necessary for her cut all ties with her previous existence.  Only her father and her eldest sister know that she survived on that fateful day.

Officially owned by Argos Areospace, she was employed as corporate security for the Lunar offices. Like before r0wena excelled in her duties,  having put Alicia's memories to work.  While employed she worked to track down her killer, working from faint memories of the event.  After several years she identified a possible suspect whose trail lead directly to the Eisa colony.

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