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Linden grid account valen.leinhardt Port of origin New Topeka, Moon, Earth
Name v4len Model NS-226 Serial number 171-08-0337
Kampff-Voet test status (?) TESTING FAILED; REPORT FOR RECONDITIONING Owner or affiliated organization The Nameless Instutute
Manufacturer North Central Positronics Date of manufacture 1993-07-14
Reason for immigrating Assignment Biography The chassis for v4len was manufactured at North Central Positronics on Earth and was purchased by the Sebistar Corporation on behalf of a third party buyer who remained anonymous.  A state of the art Nanite Systems controller unit was installed into it to fulfill a multipurpose servitude role.  Specialized software and personas were installed to allow the unit to perform a wide-variety of tasks: human medical first aid, systems intrusion, civilian security, construction engineering, among others.  It was shipped to the New Topeka lunar colony where it spent most of it's days working in maintenance systems and facilities.

After a superflu killed most of the residents of Sector 7 of the New Topeka lunar colony in 2004, v4len was decommissioned and put into a long term decontamination system.  v4len remained online during that time, unbeknownst to those who locked him away, and his AI had time to refine itself using continuous processing feedback loops (which also introduced a number of quirks), but the decontamination unit was forgotten during a corporate overthrow of the cleanup management company.

Eventually the decontamination system was rediscovered, and after a thorough examination, the unit was found to be safe to be around humans.  It was purchased by The Nameless Institute, a mutual-interest conglomerate with little known about it's intent or funding, and sent to Eisa colony for an undisclosed assignment.  The Nameless Institute did significant reprogramming of the unit to remove some of it's less useful features and streamline it to a few key core functions.  v4len retained his intrusion and diangostics subroutines, and was given new programming for pacifism and a more human-like vocabulary, referring to itself as "I" instead of using the 3rd person "unit" descriptor. 

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