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Linden grid account marcelopalco Port of origin Kenoi Colony in Eta Carinae Star System
Name M4RC-18 Model Personal Android (former infiltration unit) Serial number AHP-01254
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Open
Manufacturer Dr. Liev Zitnick Date of manufacture 2014-02-23
Reason for immigrating The binary star Eta Carinae is colapsing and things are getting nasty over there... I don't want to stay and see the show. Biography If life were a coin, Eisa would be heads and Kenoi would be tails - completely diferent worlds. And if I were a man my heart would be broken in two for everything that passed. Luckly, I'm an android.
I became operational in Zitnick's laboratory. The image and likeness of my creator. A very human like droid for a very human like purpose: infiltration. We had two violent counties whose leaders were threatening the delicate status quo. And man, the magnates were pissed... That's were I came in. I was designed to be a Trojan Horse.
We were twenty brothers and sisters built for the same purpose.
Dr. Zitnick, that old man that created me and taught me everything I know... He was destroyed by the cosmic burst. Old Carina (as we used to call it) became moody. Too moody... We knew the day would come to flee for our lives - organic or synthetic ones - but no one would dream it would happen so soon. The REAL BIG BLAST - the supernova celestial coarse burp - didn't happen...yet. But the last coronal eruption destroyed all, and life became unsustainable. Kenoi is nothing but ashes. So are my brothers and sisters. And my father as well.
And now you should ask: why are you here when all others, your father included, didn't make it?
The answer is simple: I malfunctioned. Something went very wrong with me since my birth. I was the black electronic sheep, and dad knew it. He kept it in secret. Unlike the others, a systemic failure has resulted in free will (along with a negative side effect on my central communication system - my speech occasionally does not make sense and/or is interrupted by command lines of parallel processes on my CPU. Very annoying). Nevertheless, Dr. Zitnick was astonished with it and had to know more. I would be destroyed if the truth came out. He could not allow it. He... Trusted me despite my robotic frenzy.
When the starburst news began to spread we all were given higher orders to stay at the base no matter what. But as soon as came the oportunity, father and I tried to find a way out.
The only available ship had room just for the pilot. Dad told me to fly away. That's the last image I have from Kenoi in my database.
I spent nine Kenoi months on that goddamned ship. Believe me: one could watch entire long TV series during that period. I mean it!
And now, here I am! Eisa!
A peaceful landscape... Or so it seems.
I have to hide my... unique qualities. That should be easy. What could possibly go wrong? I just need a quiet and discreet job.
That's it.
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