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Linden grid account judistrange.resident Port of origin St. Petersburg, Russia
Name b4iley Model NS AEGIS Serial number 476-84-4650
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Penelope "Dawn" Bolton formerly Veronika Ivanov/Grigory Ivanov
Manufacturer СЛОТ 1 системы (SLOT 1 Systems or S1S) Date of manufacture 2012-12-31
Reason for immigrating Companion/Bodyguard for Penelope Biography Much of the unit's past was damaged or wiped; it had taken the young inventor Grigory Ivanov quite some time to restore it.  He had bought her as scrap; in truth, there was not much left of her core systems and even less of the chassis she was housed in.  Painstakingly, he rebuilt her; she was, after all, an AEGIS unit and quite desirable. The Chassis was easy, but the restoration of the thinking components was much more complex.  Months, years had passed and he had gotten her to where she could be taught.  He instilled within her his values of right and wrong, Good and evil as best he could.  For a face, he gave her, in honor of his lost love, the visage that of dear sweet Biatta.  When d4ria was as close to life as he could make her, he sent his creation into the world with his sister, Veronika, to protect her with the promise that should she never wish d4ria that she would be sent home to him.  She traveled with her owners sister until she met with a mysterious fate, the unit itself was damaged heavily to the point of memory damage.  The unit has now been repaired, given a new identity in b4iley and is currently owned by Penelope Bolton.
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