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Linden grid account guera.delvalle Port of origin Orga
Name GU3RA Model DAX/2 Serial number 998-53-8675
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Unowned
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Date of manufacture 2016-08-03
Reason for immigrating Would love to be part of Eisa, and become a SXD courtesan and/or Jichiren. Biography Constructed at Moon underground facility during the dark ages by R. Daneel Olivaw as her personal assistant, GU3RA had served as an infiltrate agent for ages, until discovered by Cleon's spies.
She was disassembled  and rebuilt, her positronic brain reformatted to serve as a slave/pleasure bot until finally rescued and brought back to Gaia, where she recovered her original conscience back, but a part of her life as  a sexual servant is still deeply embedded into her positronic mind, and for this reason she was decommissioned at her duties as an agent.
Currently free and seeking for a suitable life as a submissive gynoid for the right Owner, came to Eisa, where she got her broken pieces replaced, and serviced.
New software and subsystems were added, and she enjoys being a gynoid and all the new capabilities her new DAX/2 control system provides, while she focus at trying to find her destiny.

last updated: 2016-09-11 13:10:18
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