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Linden grid account fox.cheri Port of origin SSP Elysium
Name A.L.E.X Model XSU 712 Serial number 712-48-0147
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization N/A
Manufacturer TR/VT MediCare Date of manufacture 2008 - 04 - 23
Reason for immigrating Facility condemnation and service continuation Biography Born as human, name; Nikki Veilfield, origin: Sanctioned Space Port Elysium under government rule of TR/VT; a mining and research consortium.

Nikki was a scientist intern under the VT MediCare authority upon graduation from Elysium's science and medical facilty's Eductational Continuation program. His specialized field was genetics and synthetics mending, focusing mainly on following his assigned mentor's projects, ranging from aiding in the completion of various experiments to make for easier processing of injuries inflicted during work, to outright synthesized augmentation for environmental adaptation.

In the process of one such experiment of genetic/synthetic augmentation; Nikki found himself in the test chamber when the test was initialized. Unable to make it out in time after the safety locks were engaged, the experiment was forced to proceed without a chance to halt it. During the experiment; a process in which an attempt of splicing the gene sequence of a vulpine and synthesize  similar strands; Nikki found himself right in the middle of such. The experiment was though, quickly aborted due to 'contaminants' in the chamber; a mere cubicle. By then though, it was too late. In the chamber, was a barely alive intern with a missing right arm, right leg, altered internal organs and looks.

Rather than sending a still alive intern to the grave, VT MediCare saw more profit in working with augmentation, in conjunction with another experiment and Nikki was put under observation whilst modifications were made. A new leg, a new arm; a complete removal of vital organs (Heart and lungs) and replacement with a control system,  a cerebral control unit to compensate for the head injuries as well as a genetic restructuring inhibitor to prevent further alterations.

In the time following the augmentation and finalizing physical reshuffling; it was believed that Nikki would be fine once he was out of the artificial coma, but preliminary scans indicated that extensive brain damage had occurred and he was left with barely any motor functions, an unstable cerebral functionality and inability to control basic functions of his body. To compensate for this, an augment was introduced to take over such functions, and combined with the control unit already present. To prevent potential medical inquiries from medical authorities or even TR, a new AI was written into the cerebral augment which asserted full control and thus Nikki became A.L.E.X.

In the following years of the augmentation, A.L.E.X. continued serving as a medical 'droid' under the, by then conjoined corporation, TR/VT Medicare Facilities, following under the juristictional laws for synthetics, until the forced disbanding and condemnation of the colony itself, living in blissful absence of what had happened to him.

Come the condemning of the colony, A.L.E.X. was sent off world aboard one of the last shuttles and due to lack of importance, was discarded at a random spaceport, left on his own.
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