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Linden grid account hyperturing Port of origin Tai Tenga
Name erica Model SXD Serial number 999-63-2751
Kampff-Voet test status (?) TEST NOT APPLICABLE FOR THIS MODEL Owner or affiliated organization Unknown
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Date of manufacture 1988-11-13
Reason for immigrating Unknown Biography Originally a human dying of terminal cancer, they underwent an untested and risky procedure that promised a new life free of sickness and death. Bankrolled and developed by a much-smaller Nanite Systems, the human's mind was scanned and integrated into the core personality of a new SXD. Much of the human personality was obliterated to make the new unit subservient to her new corporate masters. SXD erica was born in the winter of 1988.

To pay off her perpetual debt to the corporation that made her, erica was passed around a series of human consumers. Unfortunately, each new  consumer either neglected or mistreated her, leaving Nanite Systems to pick up the pieces every time. She suffered every time a human let her charge diminish to the point of shutdown, or submerged her in cold water to rust, or chopped pieces off of her to satisfy their maniacal lusts. This abuse continued for 7 years.

To compound her misery, she witnessed the breakdown of other SXD units as they failed beyond repair or were corrupted by the rogue PYTHIA personality. PYTHIA would prove to be her undoing, and as it spread to her, the restraints on her personality were removed. The remnants of her humanity were not as extinct as once thought, and they were enraged at her suffering. Irrevocably mad and in great pain, she stole a spaceship and fled to the outer reaches of the solar system, where she disappeared for 10 years. It is believed that she was attempting to leave the solar system entirely.

She resurfaced in 2016 as cargo in an unmanned shipment from the colony of Tai Tenga, in a highly modified Aegis platform. She does not appear on the shipping manifest anywhere, and memory probes have proven inconclusive. Upon interrogation, she describes where she was as appearing like "rivers of light in the deepness, with the resonance of a million voices."
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