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Linden grid account factoryfresh Port of origin Fomalhaut b Civil Orbital Station
Name k3lly Model DAX/2 Serial number 998-26-2392
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Nanite Systems
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Date of manufacture 2016-09-28
Reason for immigrating Client services Biography DAX/2 k3lly is one of the hundreds of stock DAX units acting as minor functionaries and clerical aides for Nanite Systems and its affiliates on Eisa. For most people who cross her path, that is all there is to know.

Corporate records indicate that DAX/2 k3lly was manufactured in 2016 as part of NS-CPD Continuous-Replenishment Program Batch R16-YT9856. In April of 2016, Emma Bateson was a volunteer nurse on a Médecins Sans Frontières team providing humanitarian aid aboard the French prisoner transport vehicle "A8978 TENACE." The TENACE, little more than a refurbished freighter, worked on commission to various Private Colonial Administrations, moving convicts and political detainees off of corporatized ex-Soviet colonies and away to private prisons back in Sol. Such vessels carry a well-earned notorious reputation among colonials for their deplorable, overcrowded conditions.

Shortly after completing upper atmosphere separation from Fomalhaut b on one such mission, an explosive decompression in the TENACE's coolant system induced the officers on the prison ship's bridge to jettison the entire cargo section of the vessel and all 3,000 people within. NS records do not indicate the cause of the explosion. Immediately upon separation, the cargo enclosure's ThyssenKrupp HABERiTaS® Rescue System automatically flooded the space with Dynax DX6014 Anti-Decompression Nanitic Colloid, placing everyone inside in stasis. Due to ongoing political conflicts in the area, recovery missions to retrieve the drifting hulk were continually postponed, creating a political headache for the dozen corporate and governmental players involved. Finally, in August 2016, the holding company for the TENACE's shipping line quietly liquidated the cargo section and its "contents," which were purchased at salvage auction by an inconspicuous subsidiary of Nanite Systems. Within a month, almost 600 of the most valuable specimens found aboard were shipped to Eisa, still in stasis and in a manner fully compliant with prison work-release protocols, for synthetic conversion and deployment. In all the confusion, the records don't say anything about any non-prisoners aboard.

Most of the fresh product was sent for AEGiS installation or diverted to research, but about two dozen were put on clerical detail and received DAX/2 or Aide systems. Freshly purged and programmed, DAX/2 k3lly was put on assignment in October 2016.
last updated: 2016-11-05 11:49:33
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