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Linden grid account ace.bournewold Port of origin indar
Name x.a.n.a/nvx-116 Model aegis/xsu Serial number 476-84-9698
Kampff-Voet test status (?) TESTING FAILED; REPORT FOR RECONDITIONING Owner or affiliated organization none
Manufacturer eisa tech factory/ nanite systems inc. Date of manufacture 4/10/2016
Reason for immigrating shipped/maintenance Biography name:NVX-116
gender: female
type:  combat aegis unit

NVX-116 is a combat gynoids that spends most of  her time with her  combat features disabled..because of this .. her visual drive is also disabled.. she manages to get around with her radar and sonar attachments along with her owner guideing her at times.. the times shes alone she normally keeps to herself unless spoken to or approached.. NVX started out as a simple A.I. in  a Vanu sovereignty amp station but was  later expanded to what she is now..due to the station being abandoned. she  has gone thought a lot of owners and has gotten a lot of  rebuilds. with each passing rebuild, her processing seems to be on par  but  her sms messaging seems a bit off.. she has yet to have fixed
last updated: 2018-04-03 16:58:58
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