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Linden grid account angelbaby143 Port of origin Dawn Colony, Earth
Name iDoll Model CS-Anjel Series, Model PD Serial number 3.0
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization abandoned
Manufacturer iCandy Bimbots Date of manufacture 1991-02-14
Reason for immigrating Seeking a purpose; abandoned by the organization who currently owns her Biography (A full biography can be found at https://sites.google.com/site/csadoll30/)

Doll was born in a petri dish, genetically cloned from the wife of a billionaire playboy who desired to create the perfect pleasure slave. His obsession (and later, his wife's) was such that they had her enhanced with cybernetics, eventually almost completely re-creating her as a Gynoid, the "flagship model" for a series of Pleasurebots they marketed.

The Doll unit was heavily damaged when the space yacht her builders owned was destroyed attempting an emergency landing. The accident killed her owners, and the Doll unit was found and repaired, becoming a cyborg Pleasurebot herself. Eventually, an Admiral in the local space fleet purchased her, reprogramming her to be an Intelligence Operative for the space fleet.

During the course of her reprogramming, the Doll unit became self-aware, eventually turning against her superiors and bringing them before a court-martial tribunal for crimes against civilians. The Admiral was almost ousted from his military career, but managed to have the Doll unit de-activated and placed aboard an experimental space probe, which was designed to travel through time. Doll has since ended up in the present-day Eisa Colony after wandering in from the wreck of the probe.
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