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Linden grid account zofasoldier
Name b3ryl Model XSU Serial number 712-39-4354
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Regula Robotics
Manufacturer Date of manufacture 1991-11-26
Reason for immigrating wanting to write the story of a lifetime Biography b3ryl formerly known as Zoe was a reporter who infiltrated a "rubber hive". She had to wear rubber/latex clothing to get near and inside the hive as a trainee. It was unpleasant to wear as she was constantly sweating, but she endured and passed the first tests. To go deeper, she had a controller installed by the hive.

The next part of her initiation was to get accustomed to her controller, as the next step would be her programming.

Not wanting to loose her free will, she decided to look for technical assistance with her controller so that she could learn how to protect her mind before doing further research on the hive.

This has led her to a small colony named Eisa...

Zoe met many new friends in Eisa, but her short visit inadvertently slowly led to her full conversion into a gynoid.

Now a full unit, zo3 walked around Eisa, meeting new visitors and guiding them. After all, perhaps they will share it's fate soon enough.

This has led her to Regula Robotics, a lab which she later became a part of, helping guide new '"volunteers" into becoming full synthetics, like her.
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