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Linden grid account carya.magic Port of origin Paradise Cloud Luxury Estates, Earth
Name Cait Model MEOAR - Companion series v.1 Serial number C417-5193-F43
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Abandoned
Manufacturer Benzil Advanced Toys And Robotics Date of manufacture 2013-12-02
Reason for immigrating Owner Relocated Biography Modifiable Educational and Observational Animal Robots (MEOARs for short) are versatile quadrupedal automatons. The Companion series models are intended to be pets, study aides, personal assistants, service 'animals', and child monitors. Their commercials featured them reminding the elderly of important dates, playing learning games with toddlers, recording notes for college students, and linking up with home security footage to reassure a mother that her children were safe at home. They were a popular holiday gift on Earth several years ago.

This particular unit belonged to a wealthy family and was as valued as any combination of intelligent pet and personal computer could ever be. She accompanied the children to school, kept track of the parents' schedules, and happily chased her tail or purred for their amusement. She was a playful, cheerful, and helpful friend. Her sophisticated AI was designed to imprint strongly on her owners and learn all their various needs and quirks. If there was a difference between her love and the love of human beings, it was impossible for the layman to detect.

Then the divorce happened. It was a bitter, ugly thing. The mother got the children, the vehicles, their sprawling mansion; practically everything except their vacation property in the Upper Tier on Eisa. The father insisted on keeping the MEOAR with the claim he would need its companionship to stave off depression, but his motivation was actually simple spite. His wife had insisted he purchase it as a 2013 Christmas gift for their daughters rather than going with the pretty gynoid nanny he had selected. The little robot belonged to her in all but name and if he could prevent her from having it, he would do everything in his power to do so. He could make it up to the twins later... Perhaps with a living, breathing, pooping biological pet that his soon to be ex-wife would need to have someone clean up after.

After months of paperwork, arguments, and headaches he succeeded in winning his prize. He kept C417 for exactly a week after moving to Eisa Colony. In that time the robot displayed signs of neurosis and grief, constantly requesting in its sweet, chirping voice to be returned to the children... Even after being repeatedly ordered to stop.

Too annoyed to go through the process of trying to sell her and having never really wanted her in the first place, he rebooted her to factory settings to erase her memory and dumped her in the Junkyard.
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