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Linden grid account imako.halcali Port of origin Unknown
Name Mitsutoshi Torii Model Ramdoll-Alpha1 Serial number X1-234-13-6204
Kampff-Voet test status (?) TEST PASSED Owner or affiliated organization N/A
Manufacturer (Body): Dollhouse Cybernetics Incorporated (Controller): Cygni Robotics Date of manufacture 2007-09-18
Reason for immigrating Repurposing Biography Produced by a small startup named Dollhouse Cybernetics, she was their first model of robotic plaything. Her codename was RAM Alpha1, but the workers named her Mitsutoshi.

She was designed from the ground up to serve one main task: to be a small, lightweight and easy to manage adult plaything. This is where most of the funding came from to begin the company and build her. 

Her life was that of a small tragedy. She was only given a basic AI and programming to cope with her intended purpose, and shortly after her tests were over her parent company went under. It was later revealed that the company went down due to money problems and administrative issues, and as a result, most of the assets were sold off including Mitsutoshi. 

She was passed around from owner to owner, each transaction resulting in tampering with her systems and memories, modding her body, and even downright damage to her, but because she lacked the AI strength to deal with or even understand what was happening to her, she just carried on with her programming. 

Soon she made her way to the Eisa Colony, where she was to be placed in the care and storage of Nanite Systems. When her crate was opened, what was revealed was a mess of parts and a half beaten chassis. 

Her AI was corrupted, her memories were nearly completely scrambled, and due to her last owner, she was missing major parts of her body due to an AI malfunction, most notably her right arm and entire shoulder socket assembly were missing. 

She was slowly rebuilt; over 80% of her body was repaired or replaced. She was given upgrades to many of her systems, but the one system that could not be repaired was her AI. What was left of her memories were copied along with her battered AI and sent off for research, and what little could be recovered was reincorporated into her new AI, running on a Yutani Springs XSU due to it having the best operational fit. 

Word spread about her; the abused android, made for the sole purpose of being abused and used. People asked about her and someone even donated a rather large sum to her to offset her repair costs, she was also fitted with a head mounted transceiver and an experimental controller in an effort to give her a purpose. 

She was intended to become a scout for the colony; her lightweight and small body being seen as an asset in that aspect. She performed that task quite well, but it was soon realized that her chassis was never built for this task as problems with water ingress were a recurring problem. 

She was taken off that assignment pending reassignment or refit to allow her to return.
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