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Linden grid account keylanadomani
Name em3rald Model Regula Robotics K-series Serial number 712-48-7356
Kampff-Voet test status (?) TEST PASSED Owner or affiliated organization Regula Robotics
Manufacturer Regula Robotics Date of manufacture 2016-08-23
Reason for immigrating On loan to Jillian Hope to provide general assistance Biography em3rald is a K-Series gynoid created by Regula Robotics to serve as a general assistant in medical and technological procedures, though is not programmed to be able to handle them entirely on it's own. In addition to this, it is also programmed to perform general maintenance of various types of equipment, from computers, to workbenches.

As a close friend of Doctor Hope, Doctor Regula has offered to loan em3rald and her other units for use in Jillian's work in Eisa. Following her absence, em3rald and her sister unit can occasionally be seen chatting or on display in Eisa, and assisting people with product selection and setup when it falls into their areas of understanding.

last updated: 2017-09-10 15:22:41
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