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Linden grid account rrviolet
Name dax/3 Violet Model Custom model, Regula Robotics ANU-01 Serial number 998-59-2744
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Regula Robotics
Manufacturer Doctor Erik Schrag (Deceased), Regula Robotics Date of manufacture 2013-04-05
Reason for immigrating On loan to Doctor Jillian Hope for companionship and general assistance Biography A custom unit created and programmed by Doctor Erik Schrag, unit Violet was heavily damaged during initial activation by an unknown event. Dr. Schrag appears to have been killed in the event, and the unit existed in a minimally functional state until the start of 2017.

Discovered by Regula Robotics, Violet's unique AI core was extracted and repaired before being installed into a new chassis; courtesy of Dr. Regula. While many of her memories were corrupted by damage and exposure she appears to retain skills related to research, genetic experimentation and alteration, astronavigation and other space-faring technologies. It is possible that she was originally intended to function primarily aboard space faring vessels before her damage and reclamation.

Whilst still experiencing occasional errors, Violet is fully compatible with the Olympus Laws Revision 2 thanks to the hard-code embedded in her NS control system. After safety testing, Dr. Regula has offered the service of dax/3 Violet to Doctor Jillian Hope to assist her in any way the doctor finds necessary.
last updated: 2017-01-25 01:08:02
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